General requirements
& set up options

Our graphic recording team is ready to adapt to your needs: we can provide solutions for a number of different situations, from theatres with thousands of sits, to small breakout rooms. Have a look to our standard equipment below, or contact us to find a tailor made solution for your event:

+32(0)2 321 53 25

We also ask you to provide a few basic things for our graphic recorders, to make sure that they can put all their energy into active listening and visualization of the conversations happening in the room.

How to make sure that Visuality's graphic recorders can work at their best:

  • good source of light

  • good acoustics (or earphones if there are translations)

  • visibility to the public (so the audience can see the progression of the recording)

  • little table and chair

  • space to move around the graphic wall/pinboard/flipchart


What kind of graphic recording surfaces can Visuality set up for my event?

It depends on two main factors: the space available for us in the room, and the length of the session. We always go for the biggest working surface that fits the situation, because we want your public to see and engage with the content that we are putting on paper.


Let's go big!

Graphic Wall Setup.jpg

When we can not bring the Graphic Wall...

If we are travelling with plane or train, and therefore can not bring our graphic wall along, graphic recording can be done:

  • on foamboard and easels

  • on other kinds of self-stand panels that are at disposal on location

  • on the wall: in this case we will need a smooth surface where we can hang the paper


Graphic Wall

If space is not a problem, we come with our graphic wall and set it up in its full size:

  • Height: 2 meters

  • Lengt: 3 meters

  • Depth: 1,5 meter

  • Set up time: at least 1 hour before the start

This solution is particularly recommended for big venues (e.g. theatres) and whenever we are recording long events (e.g. a full day or more of graphic recording). 




If we are recording just half day, or shorter session, we can take up less space. This is a good solution also if you would like us to be on stage, but the full graphic wall takes up too much space (it's important for us to make sure that the speakers will get the full attention of the audience!)

  • Half sized graphic wall:
    Height: 2 meters
    Lengt: 1,5 meters
    Depth: 1,5 meter
    Set up time: at least 1 hour before the start

  • Pinboard:
    Total size: W 126,5 x H 193 cm
    Working surface: W 118,5 x H 146 cm
    Transport size: W 126,5 x H 81 cm
    Weight: 7 kg


Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 14.13.09.png

Sometimes there just isn't enough space it the room for the graphic wall, specially if it's a breakout room during a bigger event, where people are discussing or working together on a specific topics and you have tables arranged for them. But you know that the outcomes of these conversations can be extremely valuable and want to make it visual. No worries! We can work on

  • flipchart

  • sticky flipchart paper (this can be done also while sitting at the table)

  • on the wall, and adapt the paper size

  • Digital on iPad



Yes! we can come to your event and work on our iPad, the result can be easily projected and shared with the the participants right after the end end of the day. Digital is the best solution if:

  • the room is too small, too dark or doesn’t have walls to hang paper

  • you want to keep logistics easy: in this case, all we need is a table and chair close to an electric socket

  • you want to receive the digital graphic recordings on the spot. Social media teams love this solution for multiple days events ;)

Find out if digital graphic recording fits your needs: contact us
or read our graphic recording requirements page.