our mission:

We facilitate and accelerate impactful change towards a more sustainable and conscious society, by connecting and inspiring a collective intelligence on visual, design and systems thinking accompanied by a change management approach.

what we can do for you:



We design efficient full change processes to make your change happen quickly and effectively.


  • AGILE Transformations

  • Cultural Change

  • Organisational Development

  • Innovation



  • Involve

  • Connect

  • Co-Create

  • Align

  • Engage

Visuality facilitates groups co-creating together, honing in on their collective intelligence.

Starting from your "as is", Visuality shows your change, making it more tangible and actionable. We tell your story in a clear way, for more impact.

We connect experts who apply appreciative inquiry, design and system thinking, to help reach your “to be”.

We move your change forward by providing efficient visual  processes to get there, giving structure, defining the next logical steps, setting KPI, and identifying the means needed to make, and sustain, your change.


interactive workshops

We use visualisation techniques to enable sharing, to capture intelligence, boost creativity and create alignment.


  • Strategic meetings

  • Conferences or seminars
  • Teambuilding events

  • Problem solving and analytics 

We’re passionate about the collective intelligence potential of a group.  Untapped potential wastes time, energy, and money.

Workshop results depend heavily on the facilitator's approach and design process.

Visuality designs workshops pragmatically, using systems and design thinking principles throughout the workshops’ lifecycle: from briefing to planning to workshop to follow-up. We use visualization techniques to enable sharing, boost creativity, and create alignment – producing an interactive workshop that maximizes collective intelligence on-the-spot.

Benefits of an interactive workshop with Visuality:
Our workshops generate richer output collection and build on the input of everyone, so change processes happen naturally.

This means there is:

  • Less change resistance
  • More support for & integration of the output
  • An energized group
  • An “owned” action plan and independence in implementation as the group has really understood the “why”



Visuality offers training and workshop sessions, inter and intra-company.

Visuality offers trainings that unlock your creativity by introducing you to a simple set of basic visual thinking and communication tools that you can use for problem solving, clarify complex ideas, and generating new ideas. You will also gain confidence when drawing in public.

Visual thinking  

Visual notetaking may change the way you take notes forever. Sketchnoting is a funner, smarter, and more efficient way to take notes than just writing down words.

Take it a step further and share with your colleagues using visual facilitation.

Visuality provides training in:

  • visual notetaking or sketchnoting
  • visual facilitation


Information design  

Information design is not only about building strong information architecture, it is also about revealing your company story thanks to compelling storytelling techniques. 

Visuality provides training in: 

  • presentation design
  • report design



Visual facilitation, or graphic facilitation, is about the use of large scale imagery to lead groups and individuals towards a goal. The method is used in various processes such as meetings, seminars, workshops, and conferences.

Participatory dynamics works on improving your change management and co-creation sessions.

Visuality provides training in: 

  • visual and effective meetings
  • participatory dynamics (with Convidencia)

We can develop a custom made training or workshop program to meet your specific needs. 



Graphic recording

Did you know that it is possible to capture your events and meetings in a visual way ?


  • Debates

  • Meetings

  • World Café

  • Innovation Sessions

Graphic recording (or ‘scribing’) is the practice of capturing key thoughts and ideas in real-time. Using whiteboards, large posters, tablets, or a notebook, graphic recording translates what’s happening in the room and transforms it into visuals and words. Your audience will leave with insights they won’t forget and can share easily.

visual storytelling

Would you like to find a better way to Get your message across?


  • Infographics

  • Explainer Videos

  • Presentations

  • Reports

  • Manuals

Because a picture is worth a thousand words and a story is so much more impactful than figures, visual storytelling is the most powerful tool when simplifying a message.

Visuality turns your complex data into simple stories. We’ll help you design your storyline, define and prioritize information layers, and produce infographics, presentations, reports, animations, etc.