sexy smart team

We are proactive, distinct, and bold. With a diverse background in engineering, graphic design, illustration, architecture, television, and change facilitation, we’re able to meet any challenge head on. We speak English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, and Polish.



Mara Callaert

Mara is a visual facilitator with a degree in engineering and years of consultancy experience. She is specialized in visualisation, communication, and change. In 2014, she founded Visuality, following her drive to change the world for the better. With her analytical thinking, solution focused approach, visuals, and above all ‘feeling’, Mara’s calling is to help put the conditions in place to make people, companies, and projects flourish. She speaks Dutch, French, and English


 Illustrator and visual practitioner

Norma Nardi

Norma is an illustrator and visual practitioner. She studied art and design in Italy and illustration in Belgium. Norma loves color and working with the visual. She is ready for any challenge and is especially gratified when using her imaginative-savvy to help a client’s nebulous idea transform into a visually tangible result. She speaks Italian, English, and basic French.


Elisa Van Ruiten

Elisa is Visuality's resident wordsmith and copywriter. In addition to her affinity for words, she has a background in interior design, sociology, and international law. Her diverse work experience and creative nature allows her to craft spot-on text for our visual design projects, websites, video scripts, and infographics. She is a native English speaker and is learning French




Agata Smok

Agata is an illustrator, graphic designer, and consultant with years of business-to-business experience. She holds a master’s in fine arts from Poznan. With her outstanding project management skills and ambitious drive, she delivers a variety of projects from print to digital. Agata is also an attentive listener with the pragmatic ability to pinpoint the key qualities and strengths of her clients to help them go beyond their desired goals. She speaks Polish, English, French, and has limited working proficiency in Dutch.


Visual Practitioner


Alejandro Gil Carrasco

Alejandro is a facilitator and visual practitioner with experience in the non-profit environmental sector working on capacity building projects. Alejandro is wild about participation, communication, and visual thinking. He is a master at expressing his thoughts with visuals and loves to help others transform a concept with drawings. He speaks Spanish, English, and French.




Sven Retoré

Sven is the founder of the consulting agency 5Monkeys. He has started as a youth worker where he gained an interest and experience in guiding learning processes of young people. Throughout the years he has developed competences in supporting self-directed learning processes for individuals and for groups. He speaks Dutch, French, English and Portuguese. 

Illustrator and visual practitioner

María Foulquié Garcia

Maria is a visual practitioner with a master’s degree in architecture and experience in illustration. She has an avid interest in story-telling, whether it be the story behind a building, person, or idea. Maria is particularly skilled in simultaneously listening and drawing which helps those she works with quickly see their thought process and gain better understanding. She speaks Spanish, English, and basic Dutch.


Sales and support

Jan Callaert

Jan is the go-to support person at Visuality. With his friendly, relaxed, can-do attitude he keeps the administrative side of things running smoothly so the rest of the team can focus on delivering the best results to Visuality’s clients. Jan speaks French, Dutch, and English.




Christopher Malapitain
Visual Practitioner

Jolijn Van Eenooghe
Visual Practitioner
(EN, NL)

Katrien Barrat
Change Facilitator
(EN, FR, NL)

Lara Listens
Visual Facilitator
(NL, DE, EN, FR)

Isabelle Flament
Facilitator (FR)

Sofie Rycken
Copywriter (NL)

Aagje Van Cauwelaert
Copywriter (NL)

Sven Retoré
Facilitator & Trainer

Marianne Lefever
Visual Facilitator

Pieter Fannes
Flying Artist