Learn visual thinking with us!

We give trainings on visualization tools that you and your team can use for: meeting facilitation, clarifying complex concepts, problem solving, note-taking, presentation, creation.

You can learn how to visualize concepts and shape ideas with confidence. You will no longer hesitate to intervene in a meeting, produce illustrative schemes, or present with flipcharts instead of PowerPoint slides. In one day, we will cover the basis of both visualization and facilitation techniques.

  • What are the benefits of visualizing during meetings?

It will help you to align group thinking and boosts your creativity! Visualization techniques improve understanding by reducing complex systems to their core. Your whole team will benefit from the quality of a clearer and more engaging communication.

  • What can you expect?

You will learn a new language: icons, visual alphabet and grammar.
You will practise new ways of giving meaning: connecting ideas and structuring  information.
It’s about speed: you will discover the tricks for drawing and writing fast but legible.
Dig into visual culture: bring visual templates and tools into your meeting room.

No drawing skills are needed.
All you'll need is a desire for learning and thinking creatively!

Trainings are customizable to specific team needs.

 Trainings are customizable to specific team needs.


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