The World of Visual Facilitation

The World of Visual Facilitation

The World of Visual Facilitation: Unlock Your Power to Connect People and Ideas

by Jeroen Blijsie, Tim Hamons, and Rachel S. Smith, editors.
Initiator and Project Manager: Jeroen Blijsie
Co-editors: Jeroen Blijsie, Tim Hamons, and Rachel S. Smith
Copyeditor: Sonja Stone
Cover and Interior Design:
Copyright © 2019, The Visual Connection Publishers.
All rights reserved.
July 2019: First Edition

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So what is this all about?:

Let’s say you are a facilitator and you would like to know more about using visual tools. Maybe you are not yet a visual facilitator but are keen on learning more about this field and specializing in it someday. Now imagine that there is this book called “World of Visual Facilitation” ( we mean literally world!) in which you can find different tips, methods, approaches on a lot of micro fields of Visual Facilitation. Sounds awesome right?

Our team spent countless hours designing and perfecting the look of this book, so we treat it a little bit like our baby :) We couldn’t be happier that it’s finally printed and ready for you to dive in to. If you would like to see what Brandy Agerback, one of the most known godmothers of Visual Facilitation has to say about her chapter in the book, check out the video below!

This global book writing event had all the crackle and excitement that people have come to expect from the annual gatherings of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners, except this was different.
— David Sibbet

When Jeroen Blijsie, Rachel Smith, and Tim Hamons organized a multiday ‘book sprint’ to create the book World of Visual Facilitation in early 2018, I knew the field of visual practice was not only established but exploding with invention and change. Some fifty visual practitioners participated and collaborated. A good three dozen met at The Grove Consultants International; Rachel facilitated this group. Another team wrote from the Netherlands at Jeroen’s offices. A few more connected with Tim Hamons in Singapore. Check-ins at the end of the day (facilitated by Mary Alice Arthur) kept the group feeling like a whole, even though most were working on individual pieces, writing and posting through common online platforms like Google, Zoom, and Trello.”

– David Sibbet (Foreword in the book)

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