Extending an advocavy report's outreach

Extending an advocavy report's outreach

When they contacted us, Kinderrechten Coalitie had been working on an alternative report on the state of the Rights of the Child in Flanders, and wanted to make it more accessible by visualizing the key concepts contained in it. 

‘We work for a very diverse public, from lawyers to children, and Visuality managed to translate an international advocacy report in a useable tool for local communities. Working with them was just as amicable as professional!’

- Carolien Patyn, coördinator, Kinderrechtencoalitie Vlaanderen


We co-created an infographic that has the function to both to illustrate the themes and to help you navigate the report, as each of the themes has a chapter number associated. Read more below.

296_kinderrechten coalitie infographic_cocreation.jpg

1.The Information Structure

During a 4 hours co-creation session with our client, we mapped out visually the information structure which would then become the backbone of the infographic and helps everyone involve have a clear overview of the main messages of the story.

296_kinderrechten coalitie infographic_A3 mockup.jpg

2. The Infographic

We developed a poster that included the key messages of the report, and the recommendations that come with them.

296_kinderrechten coalitie infographic_A4 mockup.jpg

3. The smaller variation

We then edited the infographic to fit a smaller format, with the purpose of illustrating the report, with only the main titles and the chapters number for each of them

296_kinderrechten coalitie infographic_powerpoint mock up.jpg

4. The power point

We believe that visualizing information is a long-term investment: it does not have to stop with a printed infographic. We brought this project on to a power point, which allows our client to edit the text in order to adapt it to multiple audiences and be able to reuse the icons and illustrations as assets for presentations and other documents.

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