Inhouse training



Inhouse training

What do you need to become a successful business, team, employee or leader in a modern organisation? A lot of things probably, but we’re sure that improving your soft skills, communication, facilitation skills and visualization will get you well on your way. We love to empower and inspire groups to unlock their full potential!

A Visuality training is interactive, fun, hands-on, memorable and a win-win for everyone!


Our different training topics are:



  • Become a Flipchart Ninja
  • Digital visual note taking
  • Become a Sketchnote Ninja
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Fundamentals of Infographics Design


  • More efficient meetings
  • Large group interventions
  • Conference design
  • Participation trajectories
  • Decision making models
  • Learn to brainstorm
  • Ask powerful questions


  • Non-violent communication
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • The power of generative questions
  • Impactful presentations


  • Creating value through leadership
  • Self steering teams: going horizontal
  • Enhancing trust: overcoming team dysfunctions
  • Self-directed learning for individuals and teams


All tracks are customizable to specific team needs.


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Flipchart Ninja Training
24th of April 2020, Brussels

Flipchart Ninja Training
12th of June 2020, Brussels

Visual Facilitation for great quality ONLINE meetings
Dates multiples



The Visuality approach: