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The Goal

What will the future of Training and Education look like? What are the challenges & opportunities of digitalisation in education? The Slovenia Presidency of the European Union wanted to create a learning space to explore this. They designed a 2-days hybrid conference with 120 participants on location and another 100 people online. It became an interactive learning experience with researchers, policy makers and practitioners.    


To walk the talk, the organizers wanted to integrate some innovative visual approaches. That is why they contacted Visuality to explore how they could make this happen.

Approach & results

The conference talked a lot about the future of education. So we brought an approach that mirrored how visualisation could support (online) education. The result was a package of different visual services, mixing

  • visual design, 
  • graphic recording, 
  • an explainer video, 
  • an interactive digital whiteboard 
  • as well as Augmented Reality.

Engaging Vignettes of the speakers

The client wanted to get rid of long & boring introductions of each speaker. So we made ‘vignettes’ from each contributor. These were hand-drawn bio’s, highlighting the speakers’ view on the Education and training of the future.

sketch note persona templates that represent different keynote speakers during an event or conference

Live drawings of all key-note presentations and discussions

Very few people have the time to read through written reports from key-note speakers. Even (re-)watching the videos is a time consuming business. That is why we created graphic recordings of each presentation. 

The advantage of these live drawings is that you can get a grasp of the main outcomes of each conversation in 1 glance. In total, we have captured 16 presentations and conversations with 4 different graphic recorders. Since all graphic recorders work for Visuality we can maintain a shared style.

Closing your conference with a 1-minute wrap-up video

Let’s be honest, 16 graphic recordings is still a lot to digest. And, at the end of the conference, the attention of people tends to drop down. We made a 1-minute video to summarise the high-level conclusions of the conference. We produced the video during the conference, and showed it as a wrap-up moment at the very end of event!

Creating a digital Knowledge wall using Augmented Reality 

To bring it all together, we collected all the outcomes on a knowledge wall. As this was a conference about the future we have added AUGMENTED REALITY to the wall. It created a unique digital customer experience!

If you are curious how it works, you can still check out the AR knowledge wall and experience it yourself!

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