Facilitation (on- and offline)

Bringing people together needs to be worth your while! Whether your group must learn a new skill, define a new mission, solve a tricky problem or make big decisions, we see to it that your process is a piece of cake with tangible, actionable and visual results. When you succeed, we get goosebumps!

We’re not your one-trick pony. By mixing and matching different facilitation styles, our sessions are always tailor-made to your unique needs. We work with a variety of methods: Sociocracy, Art of Hosting, MG Taylor, design and systems thinking, self-directed learning, structured dialogue, appreciative inquiry, Deep Democracy, etc. Our dynamic approach gives you sublime support in:

  • Teambuildings
  • Strategy sessions
  • Board meetings
  • Brainstorms
  • Scenario planning
  • Co-creation sessions
  • General Assemblies
  • Webinars
Of course, we prefer to do this face-to-face, in a real life meeting. However, we can give you a top-notch experience in an online environment.

Conference Design (on- and offline)

Just say NO to endless PowerPoint presentations, long-gone audiences who are dozing off or checking their emails, and droning speakers. We can’t even count the awfully boring meetings and conferences we’ve witnessed over the years… We know better! 


This is even more the case for online conferences as people can hide behind the anonymity of their own screen! We make sure your online participants are glued to their screen. 



Our experience and approach in designing workshops (see above) give us the expertise and experience to design ‘large group interventions’ that foster group learning, meaningful conversations and useful outcomes.

Visuality on stage!

Need an engaging and witty chair, host or moderator for your (online) conference?
Give us a call! 

Looking for some inspirational input during your next conference?
We’d love to come and share our experience!

Themes we’re crazy about:

  • Power of Visuals
  • Group genius
  • Self-organisation
  • Teal and reinventing organisations