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FACILITATION & moderation

Unlock group creativity!

An interactive workshop connects all the people in the room on an emotional and intellectual level. Creating a safe environment motivates everyone to contribute and build on each other’s energy to reach the meeting objectives. Voices are heard, ideas are grown, questions are raised, connections are formed, alignment is created, and, at the end, everyone has contributed and feels the goal(s) of the meeting have been met. They feel empowered to keep the dynamism moving forward and share what they learned with colleagues. An interactive workshop takes advantage of the collective intelligence.

At Visuality, we use visualisation and participation techniques to enable sharing, boost creativity and get everyone on the same page, producing an interactive workshop that captures and maximizes collective intelligence on-the-spot.

We strongly believe that visual meetings are more effective and flexible than traditional ones.

Your audience will be more focused, they’ll share their intelligence, and will see the bigger picture afterwards


“Thank you so much for your fantastic contribution to our summit.
Your visualisations made a huge difference in helping people understand
the complex work of our fellows and how to contribute!”

— Marie Ringler, Europe Director ASHOKA





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