We draw while you talk. Our visual summaries speak for themselves in real-time! Better than those long, written reports that don’t truly capture the vibe of the meeting, right? You might know it as: Live visuals, visual harvesting, graphic facilitation, visual facilitation, generative scribing or live scribing. We just call it GRAPHIC RECORDING. We do it on paper, an iPad and even through enriched pictures! You’ll leave with insights that won’t be forgotten and can be easily shared and revisited later on. Amazing, isn’t it!?


Graphic recording is an opportunity to turn a meeting into a stimulating space designed to spark fruitful discussions, encourage collective thinking, and move the process forward. It’s a thinking tool that engages your audience. By enriching your meetings conferences and processes with Graphic Recording you will create an environment that motivates people to be active participants, speak up, and share their knowledge to better reach the meetings objectives.

Graphic Recording

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