Change Consulting

Organizational Development and Coaching

Running a company is complex. You might ask yourself: What kind of company do we want to be?  Will we be agile or lean or whatever is next? What kind of leadership style do I want to have as manager? Those are the questions we can help you answer.

As a scale-up, we’re used to experimenting with new management and leadership forms. So we go beyond that standard answers you might get from the big players in change consulting. As graphic recorders, we’ve captured dozens of conversations about how change impacts both the management and the staff. As trainers and facilitators, we’ve had the opportunity to see and make change happen in a variety of organisations.

That’s why we offer unequalled strategic support for organizations and companies that find themselves in transition. Through engaged storytelling, visualisation and co-creation practices, people involved in the transformation feel empowered, heard and actually realise new behaviors.